Brand Identity

Your brand is what the world sees of your business.
Getting it right ensures that you say exactly what
you want to say about yourself, and that you're
saying it to the right people.

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The Next Step

You might have the right identity for where you are now, but is it right for where you are wanting to go? Whether it's a case of a simple refresh, or a comprehensive overhaul, we can guide you through the rebranding process, and ensure your brand presents a coherent and effective image for years to come.

"We couldn't have grown our business without the help we received from Workshop. It's that simple really."

Chris Richards. Head Brewer, Nutbrook Brewery.

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Starting a new business? It would be a real shame if all that hard work you're putting in was undermined by not having a corporate identity that conveys the right image. We're always happy to make time for a 'no obligation' chat with new start ups, even ones with limited budgets. We'll guide you through the essentials to get you started on the right foot, and look to grow our relationship as we grow your business.


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