Design for Print

Still the cornerstone of graphic communication, design for print is a science as much as an art. We have over thirty years experience of producing designs for print that look just as good in your hand as they did in your imagination.

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Size Matters

We have decades of experience in handling large accounts, and all that it entails. Whether it's creating 400+ page documents or managing the production and supply of artwork for ongoing advertising campaigns, we've seen it and done it.
Our expertise in all areas of handling large-scale jobs, from automated content systems to in-house proofing, enables us to plan and deliver projects of any size. Looking for an agency that can handle your account? Look no further.

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Picture This

Looking to give your project a lift? Nothing gives a design job that unquantifiable touch of something special quite like a unique piece of imagery. From hand-crafted illustrations to co-ordinated photo shoots, we can advise the best way of achieving the touch of magic that your venture deserves.

Style and Substance

When it comes to achieving successful editorial design there are two major considerations. Getting a job to look great is a matter of course, but is only the beginning of the task. Effectively communicating your message is key. At Workshop Design our expertise lies in creating work that sees both of these essential parts working in harmony; creating designs that look great, and work just as well.


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